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Vincent Locke!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Comic Books

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This is a quick sketch I got from Vincent Locke at the 1992 San Diego Comic Con. Long before the SDCC was “cool,” back in a time when it was attended by actual comic book artists, creators and fans. Depicting a vampire getting ripped apart alive I really like this little sketch because it’s a good sample of the gruesome, expressive and energetic artistic style of Locke. Vincent was best known at the time for his work on Deadworld a truely independant comic book and probably the first zombie comic with any staying power. Deadworld came out well over a decade before the “Walking Days of Our Lives” I mean Walking Dead would come to light. Still in publication today I suggest checking out the classic years which began in 1987 and ran till some time in the mid 90s. Deadworld is a book I highly recommend picking up it doesn’t get boaring and the art of Vincent Locke is amazing.