What’s On My Desk?

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Here’s a list of most of the items on todays desk top.

1. A bunch of windex. This is used to get my ink to flow off my nibs better a little trick I learned from master comic book inker Joe Rubinstein.

2. Behind the windex are several books note books and sketch books. This includes Drawn to Life: Volume 1: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures, The Watercolor Bible, Batman: The Long Halloween and The Complete Peanuts (Vol. 1)  (Vol. 2) and (Vol. 3).

3. A small scale replica of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Which was the flag ship of the pirate known as Black Beard!

4. A Rubber Octopus.

5. Roll of Torlet Paper.

6. Artist Tape.

7. A bunch of junky colored pencils (still waiting for the prisma color set I order to show up). A grease pencil and several Microns plus a Sharpie Fine Point. I know the Microns and sharpies suck compared to real nibs and brushes but I can get buildings and back grounds finished so much faster with those.

8. Haning up are a few of my good Windsor Newton Series 7 Brushes.

9. I have two ink wells on there the retagular one is a specific type of ink well another tip I got from Joe Rubinstein. You need to get Montblanc Ink Bottle Midnight Blue then dump all the ink it comes with out as you only want to purchase this for the ink well not the actual blue ink it comes with. My ink wells are filled with Black Higgins Water Proof Drawing Ink.

10. One Empty Jar, Another Jar with more brushes and Microns the Black cup with pencils sticking out on top of the books was made for me by my daughter it’s actually a foam type of material. There’s a green empty cup a jar with water for white paint only and a Jar full of water for black ink only.

11. In the middle is a blank sheet of paper underneith is a copy of some drawing I penciled several years ago with corrections inked over the top of it in marker.

12. The doll with the red shirt on was given to me by my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach Chris Haueter I actually use this doll a lot to reference drapery and lighting on a lot of stuff I draw.

13. Also hanging up are model sheets of characters I’ve created.

14. The small white container next to the Doll with the read shirt is Pro-White. I use it for corrections to ink stuff but it just does’t cover! Inbetween the Pro-White and the Black Jar is a small dinosuar figure I believe this one is suppose to be an Iguanodon.

15. Another Jar of water for washing out water color.

16. Next to my lamp are a bunch of french curves.

17. On the floor leaned up against the table that is actually my light box.

Well that’s just about it maybe in a few months or weeks I’ll take another snap shot of my desk and we can see what’s on there and compare those findings to todays!

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