Hulk Style Lettering

Posted by Sam Kressin in Design Work, Drawing and Illustration

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The lettering for this piece was inspired by Lettering from the Copper age Incredible Hulk Titles and Conan The King.

Here’s a quick look at my process;

I drew all the letters out freehand using some old school graph paper to make sure I kept my proprations consistent.



Once I had the letters roughed out in pencil I scanned them into photoshop and set up my composition. Removed the gride lines and printed it all out in a non-photo blue for more revisions with my pencil.


After that I inked almost everything with a Hunts 108 Nib Pen. I used a Windsor Newton Series 7 # 3 brush to fill in major black areas and also with some Pro White correctional paint at the end for a few finishing touches.

Sams_contact_inkedThe last step I scanned my inked illustration back into photoshop for final adjustments and coloring. As you can see the Energy Bolts didn’t make it into the final composition.

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