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Comic Book P.E.

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Amazing_Spider-Man_309Starting the 7th grade I was hit by a car on my bike in a head on collision. After being in the hospital for 3 days and out of school for a month I returned to the 7th grade unable to attend P.E. I presented my doctors note excusing me from the class to the P.E. teacher. The teacher told me for each day I missed class I was to go to the library and write a one page report on anything related to exercise or health. I got to the library and pulled Amazing Spider-Man # 309 out of my back pack. I bought it the day before off the spinner rack at 7-11 the issue was drawn by Todd McFarlane and it was the first time I’d ever seen his art. He drew Spider-Man with these huge eyes, he made Spidey’s webbing very detailed I’ve never seen the character drawn this way before. His anatomy was weird, Spidey’s feet were pointy, everyones faces cartoony but McFarlane made it work and everything looked really cool, different and interesting. I pulled out a piece of paper and began tracing the pictures. For the next two months when I went to the library each day during P.E. period I practiced drawing most of the time just tracing over my favorite Spider-Man comics. After my doctors note expired I had to go back to P.E. and my teacher asked me where my reports were I told her I didn’t do them. She said I had to stay after school running 4 laps = 1 mile for every report not turned in. I spent the rest of the year staying after school for an hour walking around the P.E. field. 

Martial Arts Style Without Styles

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The_Tao_of_Jeet_Kune_DoTrue story; in 2008 when I was coaching out of my Carlsbad gym I had a guy call up and ask if he could sublease space for his martial arts group.

I asked, “what style of martial arts will you guys be practicing?”

The guy replied, “We have no style.”

Me, “Ok so what martial art is this?”

Him, “We we are a style without styles we don’t fall under a specific martial art.”

Me, “Well what are you going to be doing; punches, kicks, wrist locks, throws, grappling, self-defense, weapons?”

Him, “We do everything and nothing I can’t say we do this or that or it will only place limitations on an art without limitation.”

Me, “If you can’t tell me what you’re going to be doing in here then I can’t sublease to you.”

Him, “We are all members of a meditation temple so you don’t have to worry.”

Walt Disney was a High School Drop Out

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Walt Disney never graduated from high school in fact he only completed one grade of high school before dropping out. He has had four high schools named after him, received two honorary Masters Degrees from Yale and Harvard and in the spur of the moment while giving a speech at the second high school to be named after him in Anaheim he declared that school would be out for the day and had buses pick all the kids up to take them to Disneyland!

Iron Maiden Excellent!

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Iron_Madien_Somewhere_In_TimeRead Part1 Here, Read Part2 here; It’s Saturday circa 1990 and I’m thumbing through records and audio cassette tapes at Kobey’s Swat Meet in the parking lot of what was named the San Diego Sports Arena at the time with Martin de Pedro. Back then CDs were too new to be found at swap meets. As I’m digging through the record section I come across this… A record with a character that looks kind of like a zombie all of his skin is removed allowing you to see his musculature interwoven with wiring, electronics and what could be pieces of robotic anatomy. He’s standing in the middle of some futuristic city one gun drawn the other holstered. This has got to be the best painting I have ever seen I think to myself as I purchased the record for a couple of bucks. When I got home I proudly taped the record onto the wall of my room so I could look at it every day all the time….

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I was one of the original backers on this project of two years ago. I’m glad to see it’s finally going to be out this month. I’ll be looking forward to watching it and will post a review once I have.

If you are unfamiliar with Superman Lives it was a film put into production shortly after Tim Burtons 1989 Batman during the 1990s. The original script was written by Kevin Smith, Nick Cage was cast as the role of Superman and Tim Burton was set to direct. Then the project was scrapped. The art work, costumes, test footage and more that came out of the preproduction on this film is some of the most wild and bizarre Superman content I’ve ever seen anywhere period.

Here is the trailer for this documentary about Superman Lives.