Who Does My Websites

Posted by Sam Kressin in Opinion

A lot of people ask me who does my websites. I was managing all of them solo with the help of a friend until the beginning of 2015. After several of my WordPress sites got hit with viruses multiple times I had to do something about it. I brought in Jay from Your Web Designer. I had worked with Jay a few times in the past now I needed someone who could stay on top of it and keep my sites running and virus free. He manages everything now. Since brining Jay on board I waste less time fiddling around with setting up and designing websites and I’m able to focus more on creating cool content and drawing. After clearing all the virus and malware Jay moved all my sites to a faster more secure server then redesigned a bunch of sites that needed over hauls. We  built everything all in Joomla with the exception of 3 websites I still need to be on WordPress. After that we came up with a plan to further secure my sites and we moved the Joomla sites to a separate server from the WordPress sites. WordPress is so popular and used by so many people today those sites get attacked a lot. We also back everything up each day. In addition to all of that I’ve been sitting on a number of urls for the past several years. These are urls I bought for future projects. Now instead of just sitting on these urls Jay built websites for all of them. I now have around 20 or so web sites! But we are constantly upgrading and improving each one. Even though you may only currently be aware of 4 or 5 of my web sites right now like http://sandiegocatchwrestling.com or http://samscontact.com or the site you are reading now I have many more completed websites I’ll be rolling out soon. Until then if you need help getting a website up here’s Jay’s contact info.

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