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Perry’s Eye Ball Monster

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I was at San Diego Comic Con in 1993 and there was this guy there named Perry. He looked to be in his mid 30s and said he was a punk rocker. He had never been published but sat at a table and did these Monster Sketches. He would take his paper crumple it up then lay it out flat. After that he’d throw down his illustration with a brush and ink. I bought this one from him for $3.00. It’s still in my collection today.

Two Illustrations From When I Was Around 17yrs Old

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A couple of days ago I posted some photos of my friend Kyle and myself illustrating when I was around 17-18 yrs old. Fortunately I have archived most of my work over the years and am able to post two of the illustrations that can be seen in those photos.

This first one is the illustration I did it. It can be seen in the photograph sitting on the table off towards your left (my right hand side).


This is the illustration Kyle was working on.


Little Nemo Illustration Part of the “110 Years In Slumberland”

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This Windsor Mckay tribute illustration I did was accepted to be part of the “110 Years In Slumberland” show at the Pop Secret Art Gallery in Glendale California. The opening of the show is Today October 24th! Also in the show is work by Dan Riba (Director of the acclaimed Batman: Animated Series) and Dreamworks story artist Peter Paul. Also in the show will be some original animation cells from 1989s animated film Little Nemo: Anventures in Slumberland.

To learn more about Windsor Mckays Little Nemo you can check out and read all his original strips online for free on Comic Strip Libary here to really study Windsor McKays work there’s nothing better than holding a fullsized (the size the Nemo Strips were orginally printed) hard copy of McKays work in our hands. For this I highly recommend picking up a copy of Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splended Sundays! to add to your personal library.

Superman Is Immortal And Can Do Anything!

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Action Comics # 1 featured the first appearance of Superman and has been recognized by historians as the beginning of the modern-day comic book superhero.

The book was published in 1938 and cost 10 cents.

A high-grade original copy of this comic book closed in auction this past Friday evening selling for $317,200.00

The winning bid was placed by John Dolmayan, drummer of the band System of a Down, on Friday evening, on behalf of an unidentified client.

This is one of the highest prices ever paid to date for a comic book.

Not to say see I told you so but anyone in my family can attest to the fact that years ago I predicted at many a dinner table discussions that a high-grade golden age key issue comic books would hold up better in a down market than any stock.

I stand to be corrected. Notice I said Golden Age and Key Issue.

Further more this is why I love Superman because not only can he do anything in Comic Books but he can also do anything outside of comic books. Many people dislike superman for the fact that he cannot be killed. But it is true he can’t be. The character is now more than 70 years old and he will be around long after you and I are far gone.


Since the time of my original note posted on  March 15th 2009 another issue of Action comics # 1 sold recently for exactly $1,000,000.00 dollars this is LESS THAN A YEAR LATER and in the middle of an ongoing economic recession. Then following month March of 2010 another copy of Action Comics # 1 sold for 1.5 million.

I can’t even count the number of people who have laughed at me when I have told them time and again for years that Key Issue Golden Age comic books will out perform, any stock, real estate, silver, yes even GOLD (and I am a big fan of investing in both Gold and Silver). And yes people have literally laughed at me an as if I am completely crazy for making such a statement. All I have to say to every one of you who have ever rolled your eyes or chuckled in any condescending manner what so ever is “BOYAAA! I told you so!”

Of course all the financial advisors are now saying that this is a record that will not be surpassed for some time. However the same thing was said last year when several Golden Age Comic books (All Key Issues) Surpassed the 1 million dollar mark.

The proof is in the history it will be a short time and I will be updating this note again with books selling for even greater prices. Yes you would be wise to sell off your 401K and buy Golden Age Comic Books as Crazy as that Sounds! Get rid of your financial advisor who does little more than leach off the success of others give wall street the middle finger and start investing in real commodities.


Action Comics #1 Sells for 2.16 Million! Creating a new record for the most money paid for a comic book. All I have to say is “BOYAAA! I told you so!”


Action Comics #1 Sells at auction on ebay for $3,207,852. Another record! I’ll admit it, I didn’t even think the book would go this high this fast. But am I shocked? No I’ve been following the sales of Golden Age Comic books for years.  The physical scarcity of this comic book and the demand for it is actually real. I believe a copy of Action Comics 1 will surpass 5 million in my life time. Now here is a word of caution I have a small suspicion that Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics has several ungraded pristine copies of Action Comics Number #1 sitting in a vault somewhere.  In fact I’ve heard rumors that he’s got one half of a short box full of them and should he suddenly flood the market with those books the price could drop exponentially. However these are all unconfirmed rumors.

Glenn Danzig Reads Mr. Monster Comics

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Just yesterday I made this post about Mr. Monster a comic book I discovered in the late 1980s and read for a number of years. Eventually I was able to acquire an original Michael T. Gilbert Mr. Monster Page from his comic book and it remains in my collection to this day. Years later I would learn that musician Glenn Danzig also read Mr. Monster comic books and in this video he talks about them at .54 of the video.

Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster Page

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This Michael T. Gilbert page is another one of my prized pieces of original art I’ve saved over the years. I found a number Mr. Monster Comics in the back issue bins of a local comic book shop in the late 1980s and loved book. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Monsters it is an over the top primarily black and white independent comic book from the 1980s about a guy who takes care of business when Monsters show up. Michael T. Gilbert based his character Doc Stearn on a golden age Mr. Monster character who appeared only twice created by a Canadian artist named Fred Kelly who left comics shortly there after and allowed his creation to fall into the public domain.

Men Of Action A Nod To Aicondo

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Yesterday I published the Vintage Martial Arts Mail Order advertisement to be come a Registered Black Belt and learn Aicondo. Todays post is an illustration I did circa 2014 in nod to the, “simultaneous side kick and punch while neck chopping and opponent” behind you illustration in the Aicondo advertisement. Men of Action is just one of examples of many hidden nods and tributes I’ve embedded with in my Worlds Deadliest Web Comic. Many of them will go unnoticed to the lay person but for the real martial arts historians there is much to be discovered within the series. You can read my martial arts webcomic Worlds Deadliest online for free starting with Chapter 1 here.

Become a Registered Black Belt in Aicondo!

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Another classic mail order martial arts course that ran in comic books and men’s magazines nation wide. For only $6.95 Aicondo will turn you into a deadly fighting machine. It is a deadly self-defense system using the best of Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo and Aikido. If I can learn how to  simultaneously punch and kicking the air while neck chopping an opponent behind me sign me up! I want to be a studly looking dude in a gi that can pose coolly while young women admire me! As great as the over the top ad copy in Aicondo is I love the illustrations in this ad the most. I’ve actually done original illustrations of my own in tribute to this advertisement in my Worlds Deadliest comic book. Check out Men of Action my nod to the simultaneous side kick punch neck chop double neck chop here. My nod to the guy standing in the gi with the admiring woman next him has not been published public yet. When I do publish it I will link to it here.

Rare Night Of The Living Dead Original Art Work

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In the recent past I posted here about Fantaco’s 1991 comic book adaptation of the Night Of The Living Dead by Tom Skullan and Carlos Kastro. Kastro’s art in particular had a heavy influence on me. Posted here today is one of Kastro’s test pages for the series that had until today remained Unpublished. While at the San Diego Comic Con in 1993 I was able to buy this page off of Carlos for around $40. While I’ve sold most of the original art I purchased as a kid in order to raise money to take lessons in illustration and make my own comic books this is one of the few pieces I’ve held onto.

What’s On My White Board

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Not too long ago I posted here about how useless and annoying white boards are when it comes to martial arts coaching. Since I am also guilty of having a white board in my private studio I thought I might as well post a current picture of what it looks like. Below is a brief and somewhat incomplete transcription of everything on it. What you’ll notice is I made a lot of lists. This is because the brain is attracted to organization and order and people have been trying to organize techniques for training purposes since the dawn of martial arts. In reality nothing in fighting is organized and response needs to be based on real internalized skill and application not just a theoretical list.

  1. UPCOMING EVENTS that have not been updated in nearly 2 years! Yes at one time I would write upcoming events such as seminars, workshops, we use to even set up training sessions with other gyms whose owners  / coaches I’m friends with. Nowadays if something’s coming up I’ll just email everyone or tell them in person.
  2. Below UPCOMING EVENTS is BILLY’S SADDLE RIDE This is a list of techniques Billy taught me and wanted me to have down all pertaining to the Saddle Ride. I wrote them up there nearly 2 years ago as a reminder. Maybe I should practice that stuff.
  3. Next to UPCOMING EVENTS is Sparring Rounds. I have two younger kids training with me 17 / 18 yrs old who I required to do 50 rounds of sparring before I would teach them anything more in boxing. As you can see I checked off about 10 or 11 rounds before I just stopped keeping track. Today they’ve done hundreds of rounds and have learned a lot of new stuff.
  4. Next to SPARRING ROUNDS is Triangle Finishes. This is a list of about 7-8 ways to finish a triangle choke once you’ve captured your opponent in the position. Triangle chokes are one of the most difficult submissions to get really good at and also one of the easiest submissions to get caught in so I like everyone to have a real thorough knowledge base of it.
  5. Below TRIANGLE FINISHES is a list of fundamental boxing techniques I required those two young kids to learn first before doing their 50 rounds of sparring. It would be a good idea to make everyone do all that stuff again.
  6. RIGAN WORKSHOP Is a list of techniques we learned while attending a Seminar with Rigan Machado nearly two-years ago.
  7. Below RIGAN WORKSHOP is Submissions. This is a list of 6 submissions you can do from a triangle position in the event that you cannot finish the triangle. This was required knowledge and I’m pretty sure everyone who trains with me has forgotten all of it.
  8. Below SUBMISSIONS is the number 185. I have a client that trains with me privately once a week. He trains regularly at another gym chalked full of triangle masters. One of his goals is to be able to hit the triangle more often in sparring and get caught in the triangle less often. So I’m making him rep out a very specific triangle set up and finish one thousand times! So far he’s gotten to 185 yes we are still keeping track of this I’ll let you know what happens when he gets to a thousand.

Tom Raney Batman Sketch Circa 1991

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I got this Batman Sketch from comic book artist Tom Raney at the San Diego Comic Con Circa 1991.  Raney was an unknown artist at the time trying to break into comics. I thought this batman sketch was one of the most awesome kick ass depictions I’d ever scene of my favorite superhero. This sketch hung on my wall and sat next to my drawing board for years.

Today I look back on this sketch and it drives me crazy how batman’s bicep is drawn because a bicep does not tie into the deltoid like that. Batman’s abdominals and triceps are completely incorrect as well as the rest of the his anatomy. The head is too small in proprtion to the rest of Batman’s body. Yet even with all these errors it still looks cool. Perhaps some day I will ink this sketch myself and correct it.

Generational Bashing

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Grant_MorrisonIt seems to be a tradition for each preceding generation to bash the next one. Grant Morrison wrote about this in his book Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human, Morrison believes the older generations have always despised and detested the younger. The younger generation is detested because they  will ultimately replace the older generation reminding them of their mortality and inevitable demise.  In fact the older generation is so enraged with the reality of their impending expiration they will purposefully create wars and send young kids off to kill each other. In a failed effort to forget their own mortality they will subconsciously take measures to eliminate their successors. You may or may not agree with Grant Morrison’s hypothesis on why generational bashing exists and it really doesn’t matter. The question is does it do any good? I believe the answer is no. I don’t see any change happen when one generation bashes another. Improvements are not being made I don’t believe it will help anyone get better.

Photo Credit: Uncredited photo retrieved from on 10-1-15