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Awesome San Diego Red Zone Knife Defense Workshop

Posted by Sam Kressin in Martial Arts

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We trained for nearly three hours today it was an awesome introduction to Jerry’s Red Zone Knife Defense material. In this workshop we went over unarmed verse the knife and dealt with someone trying to shank you. Prior to this workshop I had already trained knife defense in the Traditional Arts of Tang Soo Do and Aikido but I had done the most extensive amount of training in unarmed verse knife with Trent Suzuki a 4th degree black belt in the Filipino martial arts and at the time I was training with him a named expert in Hock Hockiem’s system in fact I even dug out my old Congress of American Knife Fighters training blade for this workshop. I still highly value the training I did with Trent and in the traditional arts and fell there was much value gained through those training experiences. The material Jerry presented and taught us today is however in my opinion the best knife training I’ve done to date. For those of you who missed out on this workshop we’ll be having Jerry back again soon stay tuned and don’t miss out on the next one.

Red Zone Knife Defense Workshop San Diego 5-2-15

Posted by Sam Kressin in Martial Arts, San Diego Martial Arts Seminars

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Jerry_Red_Zone_Knife_DefenseBrian Cowell and myself are hosting a Red Zone Knife Defense workshop instructed by Jerry Wetzel on Saturday May 2nd at Swift Kick Martial Arts in Rancho Bernardo from 10:30 am – 12:30 all are welcome to attend cost is $40.00 show up and pay at the door. Who’s Jerry Wetzel? Some of you may have seen this video ripped and uploaded to facebook by bjj girl. It’s had over 3 million views. He’s the guy that made that video, He’s spent over a decade developing a practical solution and system for an unarmed person to defend themselves against an edged weapon and his program comes recommended by numerous Law Enforcement Officers who have had to deal with knifes in real life situations. Jerry has taught his system all over the world including Austrialia, Germany the Czech Republic and more this will be Jerry’s first time teaching the program in San Diego don’t miss this opportunity it will be an eye opening workshop and a lot of fun.