Freaks of the Gym: Ken

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Illustrated and written by me circa 2004. This is part of a series I did titled “Freaks of the Gym.” It was inspired by real people and heavily influenced by Mad Magazine. Check out my other Freaks of the Gym posts here; Moses, Checkered Shorts Guy, Propeller Head.



Named after Barbie’s boy friend Ken is the infamous fake tanning gel wearing, pretty boy found in gyms all across the country. Ken will take off his shirt at every  chance possible and look at himself in the mirror constantly. When it comes to females Ken is convinced he is the “Mac Daddy.”

“Foo Real? That’s Dope Dawg!” Constantly tries to use hip-hop lingo.

Perfect Hair. Spent four hours to get it like this.

Over Developed Pecs. The result of doing his favorite exercise the Pec-Dec machine too many times.

Shirtless. Takes off shirt every chance he can get. Constantly spotted lifting his shirt up to check his abdominals.

Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer Boxers. he use to model them at the local Abercrombie and Fitch until another Ken with bigger Pecs was hired to model moose head boxers at the other end of the store he had to quit the job to save himself the embarrassment of not having the biggest Pecs in the Store.

Sweat Bands. To Make his arms look bigger by drawing attention away from his wrists and to his biceps.

Latest Issue of Flex Magazine. The primary Source of his fitness knowledge.

Unnecessarily Long Belt

Comb. Just incase his hair gets messed up.

MC Hammer Pants. To hide his under developed Calves of which he is considering implants.

Steel Toed Formal Shoes. They don’t match anything he’s wearing but he saw them in an issue of GQ and hasn’t taken them off since.


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