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Strength Monsters Trading Card Set

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Strength Monsters Trading Card Sets are finished, packed and ready to go the next convention. There are 17 Cards total featuring characters and Submissions plus one sticker. The cards come in a collectible box featuring fold-out panoramic illustration. All the cards are written and illustrated by me visit my Strength Monsters Website to see more cool pictures or them or click on the link below.

Latin American Folklore Makes it’s Way into Comics

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AsustoI’ve known artist and animator Franco Cespedes for several years now. He is a fantastic artist, and has been working with me on an incredible new Worlds Deadliest project that should showcase by the end of this year. In the meantime, Franco has put out an awesome 4 issue mini-series on ComiXology titled, “Asusto.”

Asusto is based on classic Costa Rican and Latin American folktales, stories that have been passed down for generations. Asusto quickly focuses in on Chito, a violent man with a quick temper who doesn’t for a second believe any of the local folklore, but soon finds himself battling for his life. Franco has put together a quickly paced, action packed, thriller / horror saga, showcasing his take on several legendary Latin American tales.

The cartooning and illustration work of Franco Cespedes is excellent. His characters are extremely animated, expressive, and filled with emotion. This is a fast and fun read, filled with Devil Dogs (El Cadjos), She Monsters (La Segua), Headless Priests (El Padre Sin Cabeza) and a host of craziness. Just 99 cents per a 26 pg issue, for a total of three dollars and ninety six cents for the entire series, you can’t go wrong. You can pick up all four issues right here on comiXology. Asusto is available in both English and Spanish pick up a copy here;

Kickstarter Success! Strength Monsters is Funded!

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THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! There are literally only 3 days left I was seriously worried! I was thinking, “man this is going to come down to the last minute,” and then… This morning I get up check my email and find out. It made it! IT MADE IT! I’m jumping off the walls right not. Thank you everyone who’s back this project, liked or shared any of my posts and believed in this! I won’t let you guys down! There are still 3 days left if anyone else wants to jump in and pick up one of the rewards heres the link;

Top 5 Reasons You Should Back My Kickstarter

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The link to my Kickstarter is; At the time of this writing there are four days left and I am 77% funded. Here are 5 reasons why you should back my Kickstarter!

  1. Because it’s awesome. Don’t believe me go to the Strength Monsters Website to the Latest New Page and Scroll down for awhile. Check out all the illustrations art work and ideas I’ve been posting on there for the last month plus. All of that stuff is in these comics!
  2. You’re not just helping me finish the books. You’re getting behind everyone who worked on it. You’re helping local San Diego Artist A.J. Fulcher reach his dreams of becoming a successful published comic book artist and old timer Mike Witherby make is come back. Don’t believe me go and read the interview I did with Witherby about his comic career what he did, how it ended and how he’s returned! Then read this interview with A.J. Fulcher about his back ground as a Table Games Dealer, his struggle with his Neck and Spine and his motivation to prove to his kids they can make anything of themselves despite their challenges.
  3. Because you’ll have something unique and original no one else has! I only printed 50 hard copies of the first issue of Strength Monsters and those are gone. I don’t plan on doing a large print run of any of these Kickstarter books. It’s just not financially feasible at this time and it’s not part of my business plan. In fact my ONLY plans for a large print run of Strength Monsters will be after I’ve finished the first 5-6 issues. Then I have plans to printed a large run of a collected edition of all the books in one volume. If you have any of these floppy issue you will be one the few fringe members of society!
  4. Because of all the other cool stuff you can get! I’ve got Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association Stickers, Post Cards, Catch Wrestling Instructional Videos Clips,  Original Art and in addition to all that you can immortalize yourself by having your name on the Appreciation Page of the Strength Monsters Website or on the Special Thanks Page inside one or both comic books. Everyone can know how rad you are for getting behind such a cool project before anyone else even knew about it! But if you are too humble and don’t want such well deserved recognition and credit for being so totally awesome well that’s fine too. You don’t have to put your name on any of those places or you can have a secret code name printed that no one other that yourself and maybe a few friends would even know who it really is…
  5. Finally it would be a great help to me. What else can I say. All the money is going towards finishing the comics and getting everyones rewards out that’s it. There won’t be a dime going into my own pocket in fact if there is any money left at all after paying everyone and paying for everything  you have my word of honor it will go right back into making the comics better.

Last of all I want you to take a look at this Screen Shot of my Kickstarter Profile you can go to my project page and it’ll be exactly the same. I’ve backed 20 projects myself. I believe there’s value in believing in someone else’s idea and supporting it. Once again here is the link to my Kickstarter Project; Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.46.56 PM

A.J. Fulcher Interveiw Part II

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AJ_DinosuarThis is part II of my Interview with Local San Diego Artist Aj Fulcher all the Pencil drawings you see in this interview where done by A.J. for Strength Monsters comics. If you want to get a good idea of what the next two issues of my Strength Monsters comic books will be like then read this interview! I have a Kickstarter going right now for these comics and when you support stuff like this you aren’t just helping me finish the project you are supporting local guys like A.J. work towards their dreams and old timers like Mike Witherby make their comebacks! is the link to the Kickstarter it’s also at the beginning and end of the article attached below.

Source: Interview with A.J. Fulcher Part II

My Art Work in Novembers Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

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Jiu_Jitsu_Mag_CoverJiu Jitus Magazine ran a really cool interview article with my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach Chris Haueter this past month. In it he talks about the Graphic Novel Project we’ve worked on over the years and you can check out the comic book page we collaborated on a number of years ago. You can see the most recent illustration I finished for this project here.






Superman Is Immortal And Can Do Anything!

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Action Comics # 1 featured the first appearance of Superman and has been recognized by historians as the beginning of the modern-day comic book superhero.

The book was published in 1938 and cost 10 cents.

A high-grade original copy of this comic book closed in auction this past Friday evening selling for $317,200.00

The winning bid was placed by John Dolmayan, drummer of the band System of a Down, on Friday evening, on behalf of an unidentified client.

This is one of the highest prices ever paid to date for a comic book.

Not to say see I told you so but anyone in my family can attest to the fact that years ago I predicted at many a dinner table discussions that a high-grade golden age key issue comic books would hold up better in a down market than any stock.

I stand to be corrected. Notice I said Golden Age and Key Issue.

Further more this is why I love Superman because not only can he do anything in Comic Books but he can also do anything outside of comic books. Many people dislike superman for the fact that he cannot be killed. But it is true he can’t be. The character is now more than 70 years old and he will be around long after you and I are far gone.


Since the time of my original note posted on  March 15th 2009 another issue of Action comics # 1 sold recently for exactly $1,000,000.00 dollars this is LESS THAN A YEAR LATER and in the middle of an ongoing economic recession. Then following month March of 2010 another copy of Action Comics # 1 sold for 1.5 million.

I can’t even count the number of people who have laughed at me when I have told them time and again for years that Key Issue Golden Age comic books will out perform, any stock, real estate, silver, yes even GOLD (and I am a big fan of investing in both Gold and Silver). And yes people have literally laughed at me an as if I am completely crazy for making such a statement. All I have to say to every one of you who have ever rolled your eyes or chuckled in any condescending manner what so ever is “BOYAAA! I told you so!”

Of course all the financial advisors are now saying that this is a record that will not be surpassed for some time. However the same thing was said last year when several Golden Age Comic books (All Key Issues) Surpassed the 1 million dollar mark.

The proof is in the history it will be a short time and I will be updating this note again with books selling for even greater prices. Yes you would be wise to sell off your 401K and buy Golden Age Comic Books as Crazy as that Sounds! Get rid of your financial advisor who does little more than leach off the success of others give wall street the middle finger and start investing in real commodities.


Action Comics #1 Sells for 2.16 Million! Creating a new record for the most money paid for a comic book. All I have to say is “BOYAAA! I told you so!”


Action Comics #1 Sells at auction on ebay for $3,207,852. Another record! I’ll admit it, I didn’t even think the book would go this high this fast. But am I shocked? No I’ve been following the sales of Golden Age Comic books for years.  The physical scarcity of this comic book and the demand for it is actually real. I believe a copy of Action Comics 1 will surpass 5 million in my life time. Now here is a word of caution I have a small suspicion that Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics has several ungraded pristine copies of Action Comics Number #1 sitting in a vault somewhere.  In fact I’ve heard rumors that he’s got one half of a short box full of them and should he suddenly flood the market with those books the price could drop exponentially. However these are all unconfirmed rumors.

Glenn Danzig Reads Mr. Monster Comics

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Just yesterday I made this post about Mr. Monster a comic book I discovered in the late 1980s and read for a number of years. Eventually I was able to acquire an original Michael T. Gilbert Mr. Monster Page from his comic book and it remains in my collection to this day. Years later I would learn that musician Glenn Danzig also read Mr. Monster comic books and in this video he talks about them at .54 of the video.

Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster Page

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This Michael T. Gilbert page is another one of my prized pieces of original art I’ve saved over the years. I found a number Mr. Monster Comics in the back issue bins of a local comic book shop in the late 1980s and loved book. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Monsters it is an over the top primarily black and white independent comic book from the 1980s about a guy who takes care of business when Monsters show up. Michael T. Gilbert based his character Doc Stearn on a golden age Mr. Monster character who appeared only twice created by a Canadian artist named Fred Kelly who left comics shortly there after and allowed his creation to fall into the public domain.