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Tom Raney Batman Sketch Circa 1991

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I got this Batman Sketch from comic book artist Tom Raney at the San Diego Comic Con Circa 1991.  Raney was an unknown artist at the time trying to break into comics. I thought this batman sketch was one of the most awesome kick ass depictions I’d ever scene of my favorite superhero. This sketch hung on my wall and sat next to my drawing board for years.

Today I look back on this sketch and it drives me crazy how batman’s bicep is drawn because a bicep does not tie into the deltoid like that. Batman’s abdominals and triceps are completely incorrect as well as the rest of the his anatomy. The head is too small in proprtion to the rest of Batman’s body. Yet even with all these errors it still looks cool. Perhaps some day I will ink this sketch myself and correct it.

Greg Capullo’s Bane Inked By Sam Kressin

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I recently finished inking this Bane Penciled by Greg Capullo. I usually spend 25-30 minutes everyday inking over some else’s work I respect and admire. I do this as an exerices to improve my own skills in Drawing and in using my brush. This piece was 100% inked with a #3 Windsor Newton Series Seven Brush. Check out Greg’s original pencils below. Greg_Capullo_Bane_Pencils

If you are unfamilar with Capullo’s work I strongly recommend checking out;Batman: The Court of Owls this is a fantastic Batman Story with amazing visuals. I prefer the unwrapped edition because you can study Greg’s raw pencils. Aside from his acclaimed work on Batman He’s also known for having drawn the longest runs on Spawn which I believe spans over 70+ issues.

It’s also well worth listening to these fantastic Fatman on Batman interviews with Greg;

Look What Showed Up In The Mail Today

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Last week I posted this short entry about Jim Aparo’s Batman which lead into a nice discussion on the 1990s Batman: Knightfall Series of which I had to admit I had never read in its entirety. After reading Scott VanHorne’s words;

I got into Knightfall literally like 3 issues before it happened. I’d just finally emerged from my Chris Claremont X-Men phase.

It was something amazing to see unfold month after month. No more rote and weird Batman stories. Finally….something was HAPPENING to him that was shaking up the status quo.

Each issue after combatting the Arkham escapees, he’d get more beat up, more tired, and you could see Batman was heading into the most dangerous confrontation of his entire career.

By the time Bane showed up in the Bat-cave and laid down the challenge, and Batman said (In a panel drawn by Jim Aparo)

“Not on the best day you ever had…” As he replaced the cowl over his unshaven face….

Dude……that shit was 100x more heavy than the scene in TDKR

I was strongly compelled to order Volume 1 which weights in at 630 pages! Well I’m already over 100 pages deep into this and all I can say so far is awesome!

Jim Aparo’s Batman

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Jim Aparo Batman

The Batman I was introduced to and fell in love with as a kid was Jim Aparo’s Batman. This is a Batman that wasn’t created by Bill Finger or Bob Kane. This Batmans was the result of a collective mind. It was a character shaped by the hundreds of artists and writers that had worked on him before Aparo.

Aparo’s Batman is what I consider to be the Classic Bronze Age Batman. His costume looks like cloth and his cape is far longer than his Silver or Golden age ancestors. He has more exaggerated ears and he dawns the bright yellow target across his chest. Aparo’s Batman is muscular but not bulky. He doesn’t have boots with huge treads or a cowl that looks like a helmet. His design sleek with an elegant streamlined shape.

I should note that while Aparo didn’t draw the first Batman comic I ever picked up he was the artist doing the majority of the Batman books I was reading at the time. It wasn’t long after I started reading when Batman: A Death in the Family story arch came out. This was a series that completely captivated me at the time. It still stands as a monumental event in comics history to this day when the readers of Batman killed off Robin.

Although I enjoy all versions of the character because Aparo’s Batman was the Batman I was introduced to it’s always the first Batman I think of when someone mentions the character.


First Batman

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Batman #402

The first Batman comic book I ever bought. I remember reading the captions and thinking this is the most bad ass thing I’ve ever seen. I went home and tried to draw the cover but couldn’t get it right so I traced it a bunch of times I still own the comic to this day it’s completely worn and beat to hell as I had read it over and over again and tried to draw from it all the time…