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Kickstarter Success! Strength Monsters is Funded!

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THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! There are literally only 3 days left I was seriously worried! I was thinking, “man this is going to come down to the last minute,” and then… This morning I get up check my email and find out. It made it! IT MADE IT! I’m jumping off the walls right not. Thank you everyone who’s back this project, liked or shared any of my posts and believed in this! I won’t let you guys down! There are still 3 days left if anyone else wants to jump in and pick up one of the rewards heres the link;

New Strength Monsters Banner!

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Detail_Strength_Monsters_PosterHere’s a look at the new Strength Monsters Banner I had made for conventions, special appearances and other stuff. The title is completely hand lettered you can check out my process here.

You can download a digital copy of the first issue of this comic book for Free. Just enter your name and email below and I will send you a link to download the book.

Check out some of the details and special feature I put into this;












Greg Capullo’s Bane Inked By Sam Kressin

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I recently finished inking this Bane Penciled by Greg Capullo. I usually spend 25-30 minutes everyday inking over some else’s work I respect and admire. I do this as an exerices to improve my own skills in Drawing and in using my brush. This piece was 100% inked with a #3 Windsor Newton Series Seven Brush. Check out Greg’s original pencils below. Greg_Capullo_Bane_Pencils

If you are unfamilar with Capullo’s work I strongly recommend checking out;Batman: The Court of Owls this is a fantastic Batman Story with amazing visuals. I prefer the unwrapped edition because you can study Greg’s raw pencils. Aside from his acclaimed work on Batman He’s also known for having drawn the longest runs on Spawn which I believe spans over 70+ issues.

It’s also well worth listening to these fantastic Fatman on Batman interviews with Greg;

Awesome San Diego Red Zone Knife Defense Workshop

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We trained for nearly three hours today it was an awesome introduction to Jerry’s Red Zone Knife Defense material. In this workshop we went over unarmed verse the knife and dealt with someone trying to shank you. Prior to this workshop I had already trained knife defense in the Traditional Arts of Tang Soo Do and Aikido but I had done the most extensive amount of training in unarmed verse knife with Trent Suzuki a 4th degree black belt in the Filipino martial arts and at the time I was training with him a named expert in Hock Hockiem’s system in fact I even dug out my old Congress of American Knife Fighters training blade for this workshop. I still highly value the training I did with Trent and in the traditional arts and fell there was much value gained through those training experiences. The material Jerry presented and taught us today is however in my opinion the best knife training I’ve done to date. For those of you who missed out on this workshop we’ll be having Jerry back again soon stay tuned and don’t miss out on the next one.

Shovel Upper Cut Paddy Cake Drill

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Short Jab, Cross step to the angle Shovel Upper Cut followed by two short hook punches to the head. I learned the set up from Rodney King of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. I put this drill together on my own there are an infinated number of drills found in boxing similar to this one.

Clinch Boxing into a Russian Tie up and Throw

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Filmed from my private studio in San Diego. This is a classic Catch Wrestling throw I learned from Billy Robinson when your opponent tries to escape your over hook with a limp arm. This needs a lot more work but they’re starting to get the idea stay tuned for future updates as progress is made.

Training Journal 3-31-15

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This is a drill. One guy pressures forward with low head movement the other guy ties with a single collar and delievers shots. Yes I know the correct defense to a single collar tie but for the sake of the drill we are just moving around and stuff not trying to counter.

Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling Knee Bar

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Recently found this video in my archives. It was shot several years (I still have my blue Asics RIP) to help a friend of mine who was having trouble with this technique. A lot of people have been commenting on the internet that this is a Sambo technique or a Russian move. While it may be true they have this or something similar in those systems I learned this technique directly from Billy Robinson.