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Team Kraken Interview Part II

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Kraken_Fight_TeamLast year I had the pleasure of having Brandon McCleese, Jay Grooms and Joey Thornsberry of the Kraken Fight Team based out of Kentucky in town for a week to train at the inaugural 2015 Scientific Wrestling Camp with Wade Schalles here in San Diego. While the guys were here I took some time to sit down and chat with them about their Journey into Catch Wrestling, training with the late Billy Robinson and more. I published the first half of the interveiw here. This is part two of that same interview almost a year late it’s still just as relevant now as it was then. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

With Billy Robinson Circa 2009

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What Do I remember about this camp? We trained for 16+ hours over the course of the weekend. We spend the morning covering stance, movement and footwork then hand fighting and the pivot. The afternnon was all take downs the Half Halch, Flying Mare, Knee Tap, Single Leg, Standing Achilles Ankle Lock, Front Headlock Take Over, Front and Rear Lateral Drops, Grovit, Standing Double Wrist Lock were some the take downs but the Pivot was what Billy was most concerened about. I can vividly recall Billy Instructing that day. The second day was spent on mat work. We did Positional drills, about 5 Different Toe Holds, Double Wrist and Top Wrist Locks, Key Lock, Short Sit Outs, Standing Up from a Defense Position, Arm Rolls, Texas Clover Leaf and a bunch of other stuff.

Training With Billy Robinson Circa 2009

Super Brawl 2000

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Found this old fight card from a Super Brawl event I attended the year 2000. People new to MMA don’t understand at this time these events were illegal in majority of the States in the U.S. including California. Hawaii was one of the places that allowed sanctioned MMA fights to take place. Erik Paulson, Matt Huges and Rumina Sato were just a few of the fighters I saw compete before the general public even had a clue about what MMA was. Living in Hawaii at the time I was able to watch a lot of the Japanese Shoot fighters which eventually led me to seek out instruction in Catch Wrestling under the great Billy Robinson.

Schwingen Folk Style Swiss Wrestling

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Schwingen is a folk style of wrestling native to Switzerlan. The wrestlers are required to start with holding on to each others “breeches”  the potato sack looking things they wear. Billy Robinson wrestled and beat a Schwingen champion once and said the Schwingen style is one of the toughest he’s encountered. I have never formally trained in the style but here is a cool play list with a lot of techniques that could be studied.


“Razzle Dazzle” Billy Robinson

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From A.W.A. Wrestling All Star No. 138 Circa 1975. To read more about Billy Robinson and his life as both a Professional and Catch Wrestler make sure to check out Physical Chess: My Life in Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling


When one mentions Manchester, England, there is no doubt who the wrestler could be. Of course it is the extremely handsome Billy Robinson. Upon meeting Billy , he was friendly and casual. He is quite a stylish person. while talking with him, one can sense this man’s gentleness and tenderness. This coupled with kindness and compassion makes him an excellent wrestling instructor for the handicapped. he is truly a humane person.

Irregardless of his wrestling-boxing background, Robby desired to become a schoolteacher. This was his area of concentration while he attended Hetmorr college. Since he started his professional wrestling career, Robby has not lost any of his titles. When he left Britain to tour and study, one of his British titles was forfeited since he did not defend it during a twelve-month period. At this time, Robby was living in Japan. When the new British Heavyweight champ, Albert Wallsh, arrived in Japan, Billy fought Wallsh and regained his title. Robby studied different styles of wrestling in Europe, but basically he studied in Germany and Hungary especially under one man, Gidean Gida.

Whenever he appears, the fans roar and cheer. Despite his popularity, Billy has remained a very down-to-earth person. He is extremely friendly, and he will talk with any of his fans; he is never too busy to be pleasant. Robby is an extremely exciting wrestler, and everyone adores him. One understands why all people feel this way about him.

The Great Billy Robinson

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Yesterday last year after the news broke of Billy’s passing I spent 3 days tied to the computer. Just reading everything that was posted about Billy. Reading all the articles and news that broke out around the world about his passing. It seemed like that was all I could to to mourn his loss and deal with his going away. I broke down and cried once and had to coach a kid the next day how to stand up the Billy Robinson way the way Billy taught me to stand up. At that time (and still currently) I was teaching 2-3 martial arts classes and or private lessons a day. For the next week after that every time I showed someone something Billy had taught me my mind would go back to the exact moment in time I had learned it. I could hear Billy’s voice in my mind and remembered how it felt to finally discover the position or movement he was trying to explain to me. For several weeks something would come up in training and I’d say in my mind I’ve got to ask Billy that and then I would be reminded that I can’t. I’ve been a martial artist my entire life. I never identified myself as a Jiu-Jitsu guy I never did just that exclusively I was always working on my Boxing, Karate Kicks, Wrestling and everything else I felt had value that I could pull off in an actual fight or a match. Billy’s stuff was gold to me. If anyone could master Billy’s techniques to the level of perfection he wanted them performed that person would be unstoppable. Billy was the most knowledgeable martial artist I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t say he forgot more than most people ever learn because Billy remembered everything! He knew more about wrestling than anyone else on the planet. He knew about bare knuckled fighting, boxing, street fights, European History, Wrestling History, he’d talk to me about what it was like to Wrestle the highest level Judoka’s in Japan, taking on olympic wrestlers who didn’t believe Catch Wrestling would work. He told me about Viking stories his father read to him as a child containing “beautiful depictions of Saltos and Suplexes” We discussed things such as Battle Axes and Strong Holds, Japanese Comic Books and Cartoons of which he was the subject of, even talked once about how to draw anatomy, the things Billy knew about never ended and everything was some how always brought back to wrestling. I wasn’t just sad that the training was gone but that the person was gone, the conversations and stories the jokes and now even the yelling and swearing.

Billy Robinson Catch Wrestling Knee Bar

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Recently found this video in my archives. It was shot several years (I still have my blue Asics RIP) to help a friend of mine who was having trouble with this technique. A lot of people have been commenting on the internet that this is a Sambo technique or a Russian move. While it may be true they have this or something similar in those systems I learned this technique directly from Billy Robinson.