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Shovel Upper Cut Paddy Cake Drill

Posted by Sam Kressin in Boxing

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Short Jab, Cross step to the angle Shovel Upper Cut followed by two short hook punches to the head. I learned the set up from Rodney King of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. I put this drill together on my own there are an infinated number of drills found in boxing similar to this one.

Wicked Mit Drills

Posted by Sam Kressin in Boxing

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I work my hands just about everyday here’s some training from this afternoon. A new drill for me from Scott Walker who has some wicked Mitt drills what you won’t get from just this video is Scott has a very specific concept or skill he’s trying to get across with each one of his drills but you’ll have train with him yourself if you wanna learn that… or ask him he’ll probably tell you.