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Drawing Pretty Girls Day 52

Posted by Sam Kressin in Drawing Pretty Girls

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This is the last drawing in the course! I have recreated every illustration in the Famous Artist Cartoon Course. BUT my Master study is still far from being finished. Next up is to complete the final assignment given in the Lesson. Then from there I am going to take the lesson ever further with some additional studies that I will talk about in the future. Stay tuned.

Two Illustrations From When I Was Around 17yrs Old

Posted by Sam Kressin in Personal Journal

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A couple of days ago I posted some photos of my friend Kyle and myself illustrating when I was around 17-18 yrs old. Fortunately I have archived most of my work over the years and am able to post two of the illustrations that can be seen in those photos.

This first one is the illustration I did it. It can be seen in the photograph sitting on the table off towards your left (my right hand side).


This is the illustration Kyle was working on.