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Awesome Night Of The Living Dead Quick Sketches

Posted by Sam Kressin in Comic Books, Drawing and Illustration, Personal Journal

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I discovered this Night Of The Living Dead comic book adaptation at the San Diego Comic Con circa 1992. The book was illustrated by a French artist named Carlos Kastro who was attending the convention. I watched him do many sketches for fans he would seamlessly transitions between pencil, pen, ink, brush, white out and so on. He told me it doesn’t matter which tools you use (brushes, pens, paper ect) as long as you know what it does. This Kastro drew with everything. Here is the sketch he did inside my comic book with just white out. He literally used liquid paper white out that comes in a bottle with the cap that has a brush attached to it.


Not long after watching Kastro draw quick sketches of skulls and zombies inside everyone’s comic books. I immediately took to practicing them myself drawing them upon every worksheet, piece of paper, note-book or homework assignment I was ever given during high school. Then one day in english class I drew a grouping of skulls on the top of a hand out near my name. The teacher saw the image of death laden upon my sheet of paper pointed to it and said; “I don’t like that kind of thing!” I knew I was on the right track.

The next year I returned to San Diego Comic Con and Carlos Kastro was back! He had the second issue with him. Here is the quick sketch he did for me inside my comic.

Here are the covers to Night Of The Living Dead issues 1 & 2.night_of_the_living_dead_issue_1night_of_the_living_dead_issue_2

Vincent Locke!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Comic Books

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This is a quick sketch I got from Vincent Locke at the 1992 San Diego Comic Con. Long before the SDCC was “cool,” back in a time when it was attended by actual comic book artists, creators and fans. Depicting a vampire getting ripped apart alive I really like this little sketch because it’s a good sample of the gruesome, expressive and energetic artistic style of Locke. Vincent was best known at the time for his work on Deadworld a truely independant comic book and probably the first zombie comic with any staying power. Deadworld came out well over a decade before the “Walking Days of Our Lives” I mean Walking Dead would come to light. Still in publication today I suggest checking out the classic years which began in 1987 and ran till some time in the mid 90s. Deadworld is a book I highly recommend picking up it doesn’t get boaring and the art of Vincent Locke is amazing.