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Showing My 92 Year Old Grandmother The News Paper Article She Clipped For Me

Posted by Sam Kressin in Personal Journal

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Earlier this week I moved my 92 year old Grandmother from Pacific Beach to a new care facility in Bakersfield where she will be living next to my Aunt / her daughter for her remaining years. This was me showing her the news paper article she clipped out and sent to me 21 years ago about a cartoonist from Modesto California, where she was living at the time, who had just gotten a deal for his character Earth Worm Jim. My Grandmother has sever memory loss and cannot remember anything including me but her personality is still there. Right now my current comic book / cartoon project is on Kickstarter please check it out it is really cool like Earth Worm Jim and needs a lot more supporters to make it’s goal here is the link;


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