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Iron Maiden Excellent!

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Iron_Madien_Somewhere_In_TimeRead Part1 Here, Read Part2 here; It’s Saturday circa 1990 and I’m thumbing through records and audio cassette tapes at Kobey’s Swat Meet in the parking lot of what was named the San Diego Sports Arena at the time with Martin de Pedro. Back then CDs were too new to be found at swap meets. As I’m digging through the record section I come across this… A record with a character that looks kind of like a zombie all of his skin is removed allowing you to see his musculature interwoven with wiring, electronics and what could be pieces of robotic anatomy. He’s standing in the middle of some futuristic city one gun drawn the other holstered. This has got to be the best painting I have ever seen I think to myself as I purchased the record for a couple of bucks. When I got home I proudly taped the record onto the wall of my room so I could look at it every day all the time….

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Megadeth is the Greatest of All Time!

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Megadeth-RustInPeaceRead Part 1 Here… Shortly after discovering Metallica it didn’t take me long to learn that Dave Mustaine wrote most of the songs on those early Metallica albums. Nearly all of “Kill ‘Em All” and a large part of the album “Ride the Lightning” were written by him.  Mustaine had been kick off of Metallica for from what I read looked to be a lot of drinking and drugs and had formed his own band Megadeth. Immediately upon acquiring this information my mission was to listen to it. The first Megadeth Album I ever heard was, “Rust in Peace” it was the first album the band recored with Friedman on the lead guitar and for the 5th time up to that point in my life my mind was completely blown. To this day Rust In Peacestands as one of my all time favorite albums ever.


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Megadeth_RiskGreat podcast on a great topic. “Risk” has long time been considered Megadeth’s worst album prior to “Supercollider” and Brian LeTendre comes on to defend it! I love this. Megadeth has long time been one of my top five favorite bands of all time and they are in my mind and always have been the best of the big four.