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Walter Peregoy Uncensored And Laying It Down On Animation!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Animation

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Walter Peregoy is best known for his background paintings in a number of Disney feature-length animated films. Later became known for his grumpy deminer and speaking the uncensored truth about the old days working in animation. Peregoy passed way earlier this year.

Walt Disney was a High School Drop Out

Posted by Sam Kressin in Notes

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Walt Disney never graduated from high school in fact he only completed one grade of high school before dropping out. He has had four high schools named after him, received two honorary Masters Degrees from Yale and Harvard and in the spur of the moment while giving a speech at the second high school to be named after him in Anaheim he declared that school would be out for the day and had buses pick all the kids up to take them to Disneyland!