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Here’s Some Awesome Shadow Boxing!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Boxing

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This is a really cool video my buddy Scott Walker made shadow boxing out in the White Sands National Monument New Mexico. Scott is an incredible martial artist and someone I’m fortunate to train with from time to time when he’s in town. Check out some of Scotts other videos I’ve posted here and here.

New “Total Dim Mak” Design Work

Posted by Sam Kressin in Design Work, Dim Mak

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Another design piece I finished today. The skulls came from my original copy of The Human Body A Text Book of Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene by H. Newell Martin published in 1900. The font is known as Danzig 4p by Rob Villareal based on Danzig’s Danzig 4p album. Danzig’s original font is based on 1959’s The Giant Gila GiantgilamonsterMonster movie poster. The characters under “Total Dim Mak” read, “The Death Touch” according to Danzig these characters are Vehmic Runes from a secret majical alaphabet of Germanic origin. The “Caution” area is Futura a common font used for caution signs and notices. The red excitement box and yellow backgrounds are inspired by numerious 1960s Jack Kirby, Artie Simek, Fantastic Four splash pages.