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Hayden Christensen is Indiana Jones! FULL COLOR!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Drawing and Illustration

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Hayden_Christensen_is_Indiana_JonesYesterday day I posted Joe Rubinstein’s masterful inks over my pencils of the Hayden Christensen as Indiana Jones Illustration. Today I was able squeeze in enough time to finish the coloring lettering and everything else for the Hayden Christensen as Indiana Jones art. Stay tuned to see what comes of this art work! Join me and together we can single handedly dismantle the entire Indiana Jones Franchise BEFORE Disney and Lucas do! VOTE for Hayden Christensen to play Indiana Jones and show your support by liking and sharing this Illustration.

Hayden Christensen is Indiana Jones! INKED!

Posted by Sam Kressin in Comic Books, Drawing and Illustration

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You may or may not recall a few weeks ago I published this Pencil Illustration I did of Hayden Christensen as Indiana Jones. Today the inked version is finished. I was real lucky to get my teacher Joe Rubinstein to commit to inking this piece for me and just in time before he got real busy with a bunch of Justice League of America pages for DC comics. Stay tunes as you will see more about this piece of art work soon.