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Hayden Christensen is Indiana Jones!

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Pencils for an Illustration I am doing to make some T-Shirts my brother and I are going to make to wear to the upcoming Star Wars Celebration. I’m really tempted to post this around the internet with the caption; “Just in new production art leaked with Hayden Christensen to star as Indiana Jones in next film!” Image the mass hysteria that would ensue!

Professional Wrestling Comics

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Another design piece I finished this weekend. Inspired by AWAs bi-weekly All Star Wrestling Publications circa the 1970s.  Like I’ve said before and in other posts I don’t really enjoy doing design work like this but if you want to make comic books and be in buisness for yourself it’s a necessity.

Martial Arts Web Comic

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Finished up this art today. I don’t really like doing design work like this. I’d prefer to draw, ink and illustrate stories but it was work I had to complete for another currently top secret project. Other than the font everything in the piece was done by me.

Jim Aparo’s Batman

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Jim Aparo Batman

The Batman I was introduced to and fell in love with as a kid was Jim Aparo’s Batman. This is a Batman that wasn’t created by Bill Finger or Bob Kane. This Batmans was the result of a collective mind. It was a character shaped by the hundreds of artists and writers that had worked on him before Aparo.

Aparo’s Batman is what I consider to be the Classic Bronze Age Batman. His costume looks like cloth and his cape is far longer than his Silver or Golden age ancestors. He has more exaggerated ears and he dawns the bright yellow target across his chest. Aparo’s Batman is muscular but not bulky. He doesn’t have boots with huge treads or a cowl that looks like a helmet. His design sleek with an elegant streamlined shape.

I should note that while Aparo didn’t draw the first Batman comic I ever picked up he was the artist doing the majority of the Batman books I was reading at the time. It wasn’t long after I started reading when Batman: A Death in the Family story arch came out. This was a series that completely captivated me at the time. It still stands as a monumental event in comics history to this day when the readers of Batman killed off Robin.

Although I enjoy all versions of the character because Aparo’s Batman was the Batman I was introduced to it’s always the first Batman I think of when someone mentions the character.


Martial Arts Comic Book

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This is some art I worked on today. As was the case with this piece a lot of times just putting together a design like this can take far more time than it takes to draw or color the actual art work. This piece was penciled, designed and colored by me inked by Josef Rubinstein. I can’t say much more about what this is banner is going to be used for or what it is going to be apart of yet but stay tuned as soon enough all will be revealed!


Today Was Another Great Day!

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I had a great day today. Spent the morning filming Catch Wrestling technqiues with Brian Cowell of Swift Kick Martial Arts. After working through the morning I talked to comic book ventran Mike Witherby on the phone for bit about inking comics and some of the challenges of inking backgrounds vs inking organic figures and characters. We also discussed Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix and a bunch of other stuff. The set of Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils I’d been waiting for finially showed up. I did some illustration work. A.J. Fulcher sent me a new page he penciled for Strength Monsters Issue #2 “Ultra-Mayhem.” I picked my kids up from school. Finally the highlight of the day for me was talking to Will Chung on the phone. Will is a guy who I can say with confildence is a genuinely intrested in connecting with people and using his skills and expertise to help them. We talked for hours about martial arts, training and all types of things. Will explained some of the training concepts he uses with the atheltes he works with and he completely blew my mind. Everything from transitions in sport, techniques for boxing, angles used in martial arts, opening up a joint, levels of difficulty within a movement far too much to go into and stay within the scope of this post. But it was great to connect with him and hear some of the stories from his martial arts training and his expriences working within the martial arts and fitness industries.

Freaks of the Gym Propeller Head

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Illustrated and written by me circa 2004. This is part of a series I did titled “Freaks of the Gym.” It was inspired by real people and heavily influenced by Mad Magazine. Check out my other Freaks of the Gym posts here; Moses.


When you do those step-ups hmmm… make sure you don’t laterally rotate your hip, keep your gody perpendicular to a special right triangle and sustain the contraction of the rectus femurs, vastus lateralis and intermedius musculature at the concentric phase of the isotonic…

COMMONLY HEARD BLURBING OUT Strange scientifically worder tidbits of advice nobody understands.

DRAW STRING SWEAT PANTS He stole them from his high school P.E. class in an attemp to show the real jocks that he’s bad.

AIR PUMPS WITH VELCRO A classcic 80s product.

FLAT TOP To hide the nerd in him by trying to look stylish.

UNIVERSITY SWEATSHIRT That he attended and still fantasizes about playing sports for.

HEAVY BOOK Has lifted more books than weights.

SOCKS PULLED UP TO KNEES Same pair his mom gave him twenty three years ago in junior high school.

What’s On My Desk?

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Here’s a list of most of the items on todays desk top.

1. A bunch of windex. This is used to get my ink to flow off my nibs better a little trick I learned from master comic book inker Joe Rubinstein.

2. Behind the windex are several books note books and sketch books. This includes Drawn to Life: Volume 1: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures, The Watercolor Bible, Batman: The Long Halloween and The Complete Peanuts (Vol. 1)  (Vol. 2) and (Vol. 3).

3. A small scale replica of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Which was the flag ship of the pirate known as Black Beard!

4. A Rubber Octopus.


Vincent Locke!

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This is a quick sketch I got from Vincent Locke at the 1992 San Diego Comic Con. Long before the SDCC was “cool,” back in a time when it was attended by actual comic book artists, creators and fans. Depicting a vampire getting ripped apart alive I really like this little sketch because it’s a good sample of the gruesome, expressive and energetic artistic style of Locke. Vincent was best known at the time for his work on Deadworld a truely independant comic book and probably the first zombie comic with any staying power. Deadworld came out well over a decade before the “Walking Days of Our Lives” I mean Walking Dead would come to light. Still in publication today I suggest checking out the classic years which began in 1987 and ran till some time in the mid 90s. Deadworld is a book I highly recommend picking up it doesn’t get boaring and the art of Vincent Locke is amazing.

Wicked Mit Drills

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I work my hands just about everyday here’s some training from this afternoon. A new drill for me from Scott Walker who has some wicked Mitt drills what you won’t get from just this video is Scott has a very specific concept or skill he’s trying to get across with each one of his drills but you’ll have train with him yourself if you wanna learn that… or ask him he’ll probably tell you.

Dungeon Master

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Advanced D&D 2nd EditionI bought this in 1989 when it first came out. The purchase was made for no reason other than the fact that the painting on the cover was one of the most bad ass things I’d ever laid my eyes on. I took it home and what I tried to read was way to complicated for my young brain and I knew the job of Dungeon Master was far beyond my current abilities. I thought that perhaps if I was studious and I worked really hard I could one day be worthy to bear such a title that people would refer to me with the utmost reverence as “Dungeon Master!” Unfortunately I could never figure this damn game out. So I consulted with an older smarter kid at church I knew he had a lot of knowledge in this territory and I inquired to see if perhaps he could groom in the ways of D&D. Instead he introduced me to different game titled MERC by Fantasy Games Unlimited. This game was awesome. It came in a box. You got a manual these sort of classified looking character creation sheets and It was super easy to understand. Sadly I rarely had the opportunity to play it with him much so I did what any kid going through puberty, that was still afraid of girls, and often ostracized by ones piers for still playing with GI Joe’s, watching cartoons and having a love of comic books and all other things awesome would do and I got my grandmother to play it with me. Unfortunately she didn’t want to kill anyone and in this game MERC stands for Mercenary and Killing is the whole point of it. So after playing several non-lethal versions of this game I knew I had to move on. Fortunately it was right at this time I found TMNT and other Strangeness. This published around 1985 this was an older game but it still checked out. This game is loaded with illustrations by Eastman and Laird it had really cool character sheets, you could have Weapons, Weapons Proficiencies, Special Abilities, Scholastic Skills, Combat Skills and everything was an animal mutated towards a human. I spent hours creating the most awesome characters imaginable and there really wasn’t any purpose in rolling dice because I would just re-roll the dice until I got good numbers anyway. Then I’d type my characters up and file them away. The book TMNT and Other Strangeness is only 112 pages and it’s mostly about character creation with not much to go on by way of stories or adventures and so after having created an army of the most bad ass mutant animal characters that could still be comprehended by a human mind I lost interest in role playing games and I never became a “Dungeon Master!”

The Great Billy Robinson

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Yesterday last year after the news broke of Billy’s passing I spent 3 days tied to the computer. Just reading everything that was posted about Billy. Reading all the articles and news that broke out around the world about his passing. It seemed like that was all I could to to mourn his loss and deal with his going away. I broke down and cried once and had to coach a kid the next day how to stand up the Billy Robinson way the way Billy taught me to stand up. At that time (and still currently) I was teaching 2-3 martial arts classes and or private lessons a day. For the next week after that every time I showed someone something Billy had taught me my mind would go back to the exact moment in time I had learned it. I could hear Billy’s voice in my mind and remembered how it felt to finally discover the position or movement he was trying to explain to me. For several weeks something would come up in training and I’d say in my mind I’ve got to ask Billy that and then I would be reminded that I can’t. I’ve been a martial artist my entire life. I never identified myself as a Jiu-Jitsu guy I never did just that exclusively I was always working on my Boxing, Karate Kicks, Wrestling and everything else I felt had value that I could pull off in an actual fight or a match. Billy’s stuff was gold to me. If anyone could master Billy’s techniques to the level of perfection he wanted them performed that person would be unstoppable. Billy was the most knowledgeable martial artist I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t say he forgot more than most people ever learn because Billy remembered everything! He knew more about wrestling than anyone else on the planet. He knew about bare knuckled fighting, boxing, street fights, European History, Wrestling History, he’d talk to me about what it was like to Wrestle the highest level Judoka’s in Japan, taking on olympic wrestlers who didn’t believe Catch Wrestling would work. He told me about Viking stories his father read to him as a child containing “beautiful depictions of Saltos and Suplexes” We discussed things such as Battle Axes and Strong Holds, Japanese Comic Books and Cartoons of which he was the subject of, even talked once about how to draw anatomy, the things Billy knew about never ended and everything was some how always brought back to wrestling. I wasn’t just sad that the training was gone but that the person was gone, the conversations and stories the jokes and now even the yelling and swearing.


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Me and my boy Mike right before the costume compeition at the Long Beach Comic Book Expo this past weekend. Although Mike didn’t win the competition he definatlely brought it. Make sure you check out the short Vlog I made at this years Expo here.


I’m Proud of this Footage…

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This is a behind the scenes look at a promotional video I was in with Brian Cowell of SwiftKick Martial Arts and Scott Walker Make sure you check it out! I’m proud of this footage because I feel it displays a lot of the martial arts and martial arts techniques I have worked very hard on over a number of years.