Wrestling Clinic with Rich Salamone

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Rich SalamoneI’ll be hosting the following Clinic Next Month; Wrestling for Martial Arts with Rich Salamone.

Train with 7x National Freestyle Wrestling Champion (USA Wrestling and USWF) Rich Salamone at Swift-Kick Martial Arts in Rancho Bernardo. Cost is $40, Pre-Registration only. Attendance limited. No Video Taping. This will be a no gi Clinic, Wrestling Shoes optional. Date and time; Friday January 9th 2015 technique training from 6pm – 8pm followed by open mat Q&A from 8-9 pm for Rich to give you specific feedback and critique on your grappling.

This clinic will cover Wrestling technique specifically applicable to Martial Arts and Catch as Catch Can Wrestling. This, our first, clinic with Rich will focus on solid fundamentals, wrestling from the clinch and several throws and takedowns that can be used effectively in Martial Arts, Submission Grappling, Catch Wrestling and MMA.

As a 105 pounder Rich Salamone always had to wrestle up in weight throughout his college career forcing him to become extremely technical. In addition to Rich’s extensive Wrestling background (which includes 7 National Titles, a Pan American Silver Medal, World Cup Silver Medal and Canada Cup Champion) Rich is also a Brown Belt with 16 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Currently he is the Wrestling Instructor at Absolute Jiu-Jitsu in Bristol, Tennessee. The application of wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other martial art styles is something Rich has been doing for well over a decade. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from such a highly accomplished expert Rich Salamone.

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Garbage Pail Kids were awesome in 1985-88 but brining it back in 2015 doesn’t work because it’s lost all it’s authenticity and relevance. Remember GBK was a parody against Cabbage Patch Kids. And it’s been decades since we’ve seen folks literally beat each other down to get one of those dolls. The creators of this comic are not the disgruntled artists of old lashing back at mainstream popular culture but merely modern day fan boys paying homage to their Rosebud of years past funded by executives trying to cash in on the same sentiment. Similar to how Beavis and Butthead was awesome in 1993 but when they brought it back in 2011 it didn’t work.

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Here’s what I think about this before I even start to think about criticizing what this guy did. I asked myself honestly if I could do the same thing? Could I read one thousand Archie comic books and then write a one hundred chapter book on the subject? At this point, I would say the answer is no. Although I’ve tried several times, I have actually never read an entire Archie Comic book from cover to cover, therefore I don’t see how I would ever be able to read a thousand of them and we haven’t even got to the part about writing an entire book on it.


First Batman

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Batman #402

The first Batman comic book I ever bought. I remember reading the captions and thinking this is the most bad ass thing I’ve ever seen. I went home and tried to draw the cover but couldn’t get it right so I traced it a bunch of times I still own the comic to this day it’s completely worn and beat to hell as I had read it over and over again and tried to draw from it all the time…